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Learn About the New Transamerica Critical Illness with Cancer Insurance Plan for Members and their Families
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The Voluntary Insurance Program (VIP) has been designed to provide members with a simple, convenient way to purchase valuable supplemental insurance and discount plan benefits with economical group pricing and preferred underwriting.
The NYC MEA believes that helping their members meet their personal financial goals is an important part of adding value to your Association membership. By providing insurance and discount plan benefit options as part of your membership package, the NYC MEA hopes to assist members and retirees with filling coverage gaps within your employer-provided benefit plans.
Products are designed to supplement your current coverage, not replace it. These benefit offerings can also be key to grow the NYC MEA by attracting new members as well as serving to retain current and retired members.
On this site, you can view information about the VIP plans available to NYC MEA members and find answers to questions you may have about VIP products.
Take advantage of this opportunity to educate yourself about the coverage options available to you and your family.

Available Programs

Health Protection

  • Discount Dental & Vision Plan

    Who doesn’t want to save more on Dental and Vision care these days? You now have the opportunity to enroll in a low cost Dental & Vision Discount plan for NYC MEA members, provided through Careington International, a premier national marketer of quality dental, vision & health care discount plans.
  • Hearing Service Plan

    Hearing loss is increasingly affecting the quality of life of millions of Americans. Through EPIC's Hearing Service Plan (HSP), MEA members and their extended family receive access to a complementary program for managing hearing care and obtaining brand name hearing aids through a national network of preferred providers.
  • Critical Illness with Cancer

    Suffering a critical illness such as cancer or heart attack can be physically, as well as financially, devastating. Health insurance won’t cover all of the costs associated with experiencing a critical medical condition. But when you choose Critical Illness with Cancer coverage, you can be assured that you and your family will have added financial protection to help with out-of- pocket costs that medical insurance doesn't cover such as experimental treatments, home modifications, lost income, child care and travel expenses.

Income Protection

  • Universal Life Insurance

    Very few families are financially prepared for premature death or the need for long term care. But it happens every day and often unexpectedly. So what can you do to be prepared and provide peace of mind for you and your family? As an NYC MEA member you now have an answer- Universal Life Insurance with Long Term Care protection.

    Universal Life Insurance is a permanent life insurance policy which combines life insurance protection with a cash accumulation component. As part of a special arrangement, NYC MEA members will have access to ongoing Guaranteed Issue underwriting, meaning there are no health questions asked and no medical exams or tests required. This is likely an opportunity that you have not experienced with other insurance program offerings.

    Enroll in the Transamerica Universal Life plan to help provide a secure financial future for you and your loved ones.

  • Long Term Care Insurance

    The need for Long-Term Care affects people of all ages and the high costs of care can endanger a member’s financial independence and lifetime savings. Medical insurance will not cover the type of services required when we experience a long term care event or are faced with a severe cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease. For many members, Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) may be the right solution.

    NYC MEA now has an exclusively discounted LTCi program for all MEA members, spouses, and family members. Discounts start at 5% and increase to over 20% when spouses/partners apply together.


  • Short Term Disability

    Protect your most valuable asset- your income. No one ever expects to become disabled but it does happen. People do get hurt and they do get sick. And if it happens to you, the mortgage, car payments and other household bills will still be there…

    Although the MBF does provide you with Long Term Disability coverage, the plan only pays benefits after you have been disabled for six or more months. Now NYC MEA members have the opportunity to purchase valuable short term disability insurance coverage that will help to protect your income in the event of a disabling accident or illness after as little as 7 days.

Questions and Contact Us

  • Contact the VIP Customer Service Center at 1-800-347-6071 to speak with a representative 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday
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